vacation rental software


If you rent out, rooms, villas apartments, this software is only for you?
You can manage your place anywhere around the world.
unlimited portfolio, unlimited user, unlimited reservation.

Free synchronize


        Vacation rentals software 
        Rent Calendar is easily used on iOSAndroid and web-based devices. Easy way to respond to customer availability  inquiries.
        With the rent calendar, you can check rooms available for the specified dates and make a reservation for the customer. Doesn’t matter if you’re traveling, shopping, or you are out of office, rent calendar app makes reservation easy and faster.
        Rent calendar offers free synchronization with booking, Airbnb and all other iCal integrated websites.
       Rent Calendar is always with you. Thus, you can access your reservation records from anywhere, anytime.
In fact, the program will record the extras such as the income and expenses such as electricity, water, and gas. In this way, you can see how much each rental brings you in financially so you can control all your expenses in detail.


With Rent Calendar avoid
double bookings

With Rent Calendar unlimited users can use the same account at some time. and never double bookings  There are no hidden fees or costs and  you never pay for the booking

You can synchronize with as many websites as you wish, At no extra charge. Rent Calendar allows multiple users. You can use it with as many people as you want at the same time.

Multi user

Multi device

Unlimited reservation



Free Trial

You can try the Rent calendar for one month free.
A credit card is not required.
no limit on a trial account


Unlimited Portfolio

You can add an unlimited property to your rent calendar account ,there is not any extra payment for each portfolio


Unlimited Reservation

You can add an unlimited reservation to your calendar, there is no extra payment for each reservation.


Unlimited User

Multi-user can use  same account at some  time and you wont  have double booking .



You will have direct notification when you have check-in or check-out. also, you can have cleaning notification as well


Income - Expenses

You can create an income and expenses list  and  record your all income and expenses



You can filter your reservation list. Easy to find a free date in the whole reservation list. filter by availability, filter by portfolio


Print Everything

You can print everything you record. reservations list. customer list. portfolio list. Print reservation list by portfolio

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