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Rent Calendar Vacation rental software %100 free, all features are unlimited and  free find  out more . if you beleive   we should add additional  information please  send us your  suggestions.

rent calendar ios 1 Vacation rental software rent calendar play store Vacation rental software


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rent calendar play store Vacation rental software rent calendar ios 1 Vacation rental software

 What is rent calendar ? 

               Do you rent out  villa ,apartment, rooms, it does not matter you rent  them daily, weekly monthly  you can  manage  with Rent calendar.

             With rent calendar you can manage  your  booking ,  you can manage income and expenses,  you can download reports and print them out . 

             With rent calendar you can get  notification for check in – check out and  cleaning  and  you can get  payment notification.

            With rent calendar you can get reservation list   by  date or  you can get reservation list by portfolio 

With Rent Calendar you take control of  everything 




You can add  unlimited property . you can add villa, apartment and all other place or items you  rent out. when you delete your portfolio all reservation  you have made under the that portfolio delete aswell 



Yo can add unlimited reservation, there is no  fee for any  number of your reservation . Enjoy your reservations. Some time you get warning message  choose board type. if you do not have board type, you have to add bord type 


  You can print reservation list .Print customer list,reservation list by portfolio, reservation list by date,reservation list by customer or you get list with win time  and  you can download all list and print it


Rent calendar  vacation rental software will send you  cleaning time notification before check in or after check out . Also rent calendar will send you check in notification everyday 08:20  your local time .if you wish  you can cancel notification on your phone 

income expenses

Yo can add  your income and expenses if you wish . Also you can download list of income or list of expenses, you can take control of your  expenses by recording  them , get list of expenses by portfolio or by date or by  expenses name … 


Do you want to reservation list daily or weekly maybe monthly  or  you may want to  reservation list by portfolio,income expenses , get your list and print out any time . 


You can add  unlimited  web site with rent calendar, most of website works with icalendar, all you need to do link to rent calendar to any website you are listing your properties. Airbnb, booking  etc..  you can link to each other in few minutes.



Reservation  filter is best tool for you to find out which property available specific dates, when you have so many propery and you want to find out availability for specific days  filter  will help you .. easy and fast find out  

reservation form

when you have reservation would you like to send the guest confirmation email .  your confirmation email will cover  , check in (date ,time) check out (date,time ) how many person will  stay, how much they pay how much left ,  etc.. you can send  or print your confirmation form 

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