Very simple, ones you integration your rent calendar to other websites, then let it you rent calendar work for you. let it take all reservation for you, with no double booking 

Why Integration with Rent calendar ?

Did you Try Integration  rent calendar with other icalendar website ?

Why do you need  integration  ?

1-More booking, more income

2-Never Double booking

3-Let rent calendar do all work for you . easy and fast 

4-With Integration , make big discount for one day you have free  for reservation . then all booking website will put you on first page 🙂 for advertise

synvc copy 1 Vacation rental software

Synchronisation with iCalendar free

airbnb Vacation rental software
homeaway Vacation rental software
flipkey Vacation rental software
booking Vacation rental software
agoda Vacation rental software
tripadvisor Vacation rental software

How can i do integration with rent calendar?

 1-You need to copy the i calendar link from rent calendar. 2- Then you need to  go the website you wan to make integration , for example  airbnb ,you need to go  property setting and paste to airbnb  i calendar link. Now you need to do the other way round . All   you need 5 minute for  each property, maybe less  time ,the pens how fast you are :), Do you want to find out more?, check our tutorial  video or contact us.