Step by step  how rent calendar work. If you have any question please contact us.We are  always here for help .

Download and Register software

rent calendar download from apple store rent calendar download from google play store

The first step you need to download Rent calendar software.  Then you need to register, just make sure you enter correct information because when you forget your login information you will need to to enter your email address.

How to add portfolio?

After you register the software, you will receive login detail to your email. So log in and add your first portfolio. Click menu then click add portfolio, please follow the video step by step if you have questions just email or you can WhatsApp us. If you need  help contact us

How to add reservation ?

Now you are ready  to add your first reservation, you can click on the calendar or you can click menu and then click reservation button,
all you need to fill the form.if you need help, contact us

How to delete portfolio?

0Do you need to delete portfolio? for example, you  want to delete  demo portfolio from calendar. Click menu then go to add portfolio then click three dots next to portfolio you wanted to delete , then click delete . If you need help contact us.

How to delete reservation ?

Click on reservation you want to delete, then you will see reservation details then.
 click reservation status and choose  CANCELED. Click safe then yes.  if you need help, contact us.


You can categorize your properties by name size or location and when you go filter, you can find out them easy and quick.


you can export all reservation list, export your income-expenses, you can print you export file or email to somebody you wanted.