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How to add portfolio

How to add portfolio

How to add portpolio   How to add Villa, Apartment, Room, all other portfolios you are using reservation calendar system

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Frequently Asked Questions & Popular Topics

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Is rent calendar free ?

Rent calendar 1 month free trial . you can use all futures  free for 1 month . there is no limit for  portfolio or reservation .

How can i use rent calendar ?

how to use rent calendar.
 1- just register and start to use the rent calendar on your computer browser.   

2- Download application from apple store or google play store.


How can i recover my password ?

click panel link   or open rent calendar application and then  click i lost my password . you will receive  email  with log in details

What is the company code

Company code is your user code, Each user needs to have a user code. user code automatically genarate by software. if you lost or forgot user code, just click I forgot my password then system will send you all information

Do you have any tutorials?

Yes, we have youtube videos for all futures. you can simply click if you need help  please do not hesitate to contact us. we are always trying  our best.