How to add portfolio

How to add property to rent calendar ? Do you have few minutes , yes only 5 min to learn  how to add property . that is all , watch video.

How to add portfolio

It is very simple way to add property, only few way.

1- Register Software , when  you register software you will receive email  for user name password  and company code, if you forget company code  you can simply click  i forgot my password . Then software automatically send you ( username, password and company code)



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What is Ad reference ?

how ro add reference numberWe have Filter on right corner of rent calendar . when you have   lots of portfolio and you  advertise them in different web site , you can enter they are reference number,  then when customer call or email you,  you can   go filter enter reference number then  the property will come up

OR  if you have lots of property and  you want to category them   you can do here .   for example   you can  add reference name large room or  small room   or  east villa  north villa, when you go filter and type large room , then all large room will come 

What is Board Type ?

rent calendar board type what is Rent Calendar Board type ?  you have to choose one of them to able to take reservation . if you do not  choose one of them then you will not able to  record reservation software will give error.  if you give rent out villa or apartment then i will advise choose only bed .


What is cleaning notification ?

rent calendar cleaning  notification  what is rent calendar  cleaning notification ? Before check in or  after check out  notification , if you want to your mobile phone send you notification you need to choose one of them .


what is ical ? How is works?

we have a simple simple way to use ical .  i create few video to you find out how is works. you can same your property and  come back to ical  later.  lets  just save property and  record all your reservation  then  find out more  about ical . 

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