How to add Reservatıon

How to add reservation to rent calendar ? Do you have few minutes , yes only 5 min to learn  how to add reservation to rent calendar software . that is all , watch video.

How to add reservation

It is very simple way to add reservation, only few way.

    There  two way to add reservation to rent calendar one –  you can click anywhere on  calendar ,then choose portfolio , choose the dates and add new  customer . that is it.. now you can fill the reservation form . Second way is – you can click hamburger menu on left corner then click reservation . now fill the form . that is all.

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Can i move cutomer to other villa?

when you add reservation customer come and check-in but  customer did not like property (villa-room) then  you more the customer different place , Now you need to change reservation . click reservation you have made before and  on top of the software it says portfolio .simple click and change portfolio and save

What is Source ?

You have made your reseervation, and your customer  comes from airbnb , or your private website .  basicly you record your customer source , where ever they come from .  you can simply click  plus icon and add new source. the reason we have this you can take istatistic and of year and see where ever customer come from 

What is counter info ?

Counter info is if you chargeing electric,water,gaz or anything works with meters. you can add first index (first number, last index(lastnumber) then when you type unit cost  program outomaticly calculate Cost of used

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